Most profitable type of content writing | What kind of Content writing you should choose as a beginner

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Most profitable type of content writing | What kind of Content writing you should choose as a beginner

Hello all my fellas! I hope you have read my story in which i have shared that how i made an incredible amount by content writing freelance. If you didn't checked it out, what are you waiting for?
In this topic we are going to cover is, what are the most profitable types content writing and type of content writing you should choose as a beginner.

What is content writing?

Content writing is a combination of two terms content plus writing. Now a content is something which is said to be idea, ideology, the main concept of your post. However, writing the content is called content writing or the content that you write can be called as written content.
Although, the person that creates this written content is known as content writer. The writers who work to write different types contents, so you can find many types of writers online or offline as well.

● Well i have come up with some mind blasting content writing tips for beginners make sure you check it out.

Lets have a look at the types of content writing

However, they are many types of content writing and they all have their kind of importance. Besides, as beginner writer, you want to make money fast so you can choose to work on these types of content writing. You can get paid write anything.

1) SEO content writing
2) Blog writing
3) Technical content writing
4) Academic writing
5) Script and story writing
6) Copywriting

1)  SEO content writing

SEO content writing is one of the most demanded type of content writing nowadays. As you might know about SEO search engine optimization, it involves the writing of contents with SEO optimized keywords. So they help to rank the content. You can find the content writing jobs online very easily.

2) Blog writing

Blog writing is the most easiest form of content writing because it doesn't require professionalism in the content. You simply need to write your message that you want to convey to your audience. Even you don't need any content writing tips for blogs writing.

3) Technical content writing

Technical content writing involves the written content with core knowledge about technical terms. These technical teems can be computers, softwares, mobile phones, etc. You can find technical content writing jobs online through any job portal.

4) Academic writing

Academic writing is the type of content writing that is based on schooling subjects, or maybe college subjects etc. You can find out any of the project based on your subject to get started. You can start academic content writing as freelance, when you have the experience you can get a good job for it.

5) Script and story writing

Isnt it cool that you can do the fun thing while making money for it? Sounds exciting no? Well scrip writing is the kind of content writing that involves writing script for any novel, kids story, maybe any kind of story as well. By doing this you can earn money very easily. You just need a mind blasting story in your mind.

6) Copywriting

There are this types of writers who do copywriting. Now you might be wondering what is this thing called copywriting? No don't put loads on your brain because copywriting is writing cathcy title, attractive tag line etc. The content that grabs attention of audience is called as copywriting. You can earn money fast by sticking to copywriting.

Which one of these are more profitable content writing?

Number 1- Since it's the era of SEO, the SEO based content writing is highly profitable.

Number 2- Copywriting, because it engages the audience very quickly. You all know more audience means more profit.

Number 3- Blog, well blog posting is highly demanding these days. It doesn't need any particular skill. One of the content writing tips for beginners is that, in blog writing, just need to communicate with your audience and deliver the quality information to them.

Now the time comes for the mind blasting content writing tips for beginners

Alright all the beginner bloggers, attention here.

1) Once you make up your mind to dive in this field make sure you have a blog that involves your writing so that you can show your clients, your work.

2) To earn money by content writing you must go for freelance. Now freelance promise making money fast. So try to dive in content writing freelance.

3) To grab content writing jobs online, you must have a strong portfolio. You can get it free online.

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