Start content writing by using mobile phone | Content writing tools for seo

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Start content writing by using mobile phone | Content writing tools for seo

“Now you can start content writing by using mobile phone! Does this sound magic to you?”

 Let me tell you when I started content writing I didn’t have any laptop or tab or even computer system. I just had a simple mobile phone from Xiaomi. I tried to search that one way to earn money online. So, what I get as a result was YouTube, blogger, and WordPress which you might be familiar nowadays. I tried all of these techniques but didn’t get success. 

Then I said to myself “Have patience and breathe” and I again started blogging etc. This time I kept my full focus on my content, its quality and SEO tactics etc. Suddenly I started gaining an average amount of traffic and I became happy because something is better than nothing. 

What say? So, I kept uploading posts that were unique and one day, a brand approached me to write content for their services and products. This was just for your motivation. We have got a list of content writing tools for free, that you need to start content writing by using mobile phone.
“How was my story, Got bored? Let’s come to the point do you want to know which of the tools I used for content writing in my mobile phone? Do you want to gain traffic to your blog that too for free? Just keep up with this post.”

1.     Writer Apps
Oh my lord! I think without this my journey wouldn’t be this far. Because Xiaomi does not offer that much supportive notes I had to search for these kinds of apps. So, the first tool on my list of content writing tools for free is Writer Apps. Here are some of the free writer apps which you will need to write content, I will provide you the link with pics of each. Just install them on your mobile device and you are good to go.

a-     JotterPad
This app is just wonder. The JotterPad is an app with simple and fine interface and provides .txt based on files only. I personally recommend this app because you just have to write the title of your content and start writing your content. When you are done, you can share it with E-mail, WhatsApp etc. You just have to select your content which you want to share and tap on the email icon. Send the files to your clients and get paid to write.

b-     Pure Writer
The second content writing app on our list of content writing tools for free is Pure Writer limiting to .txt files only. However, this app is similar to the first one but after installing the app, you need to tell this app where to save all your writing then you can find it in your file manager as well. 
You can add some theme and add images to your writing. You can get to share your writing by using email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. So now send your files to the client and get to paid write.

Enhance your content performance with these tools 

c-     Writer Plus
The next content writing app we have on our list of content writing online tools free is Writer Plus. This app offers .txt files only. This content writing app provide you the option to use it in landscape mode by which you can get a good hold of your keyboard. Similar to the second content writing tool, you have to tell the storage to this app.
 Then you can share your content by using email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Don’t get disheartened because you don’t have a laptop and only limited to using .txt files. Here is the master blaster app that offers files of word documents in lite mode. Check it out”.

d-     WPS suite

Clients demands word document(.docs) files and you can’t get him that. Now deal gone? No, my love deal is still “on”. Oh how? Because here is your life savior which is WPS suite. This is the app that offers plenty types of file be it .docs, .xl, .txt, .pdf including pptx and many more. Now take as many of the projects as you want. WPS suite is here.

“Afraid of grammar? There is nothing impossible in this world. Keep following.”

2- Grammar checking app

Being a beginner, you might be getting nervous about your grammar but don’t think too much because you don’t have to think about how to start content writing from home. You can start that just installing the apps I am telling about. Here are the free grammar correcting apps that will help in your journey. Let’s have a look to them.

a.      Grammarly

It is the most popular app for checking and correcting grammar. Using correct grammar into your post can provide you best results so now get paid to write anything.Once you install this app to your device it gets attached to your keyboard and gives you suggestion regarding your spelling, grammar, words etc. Hence, it is the content writing tools online for free, so enjoy your writing.

As you are using any content writing app and done with writing the content. Now you want to check the grammar you can just simply tap on the icon of this tool. It will check the grammar and give you suggestions. You can take the suggestions and put it into your content. Here is the link.
Writing will be done, grammar check will be done. How will I get the traffic to my content?

Answer to the above question is keyword research. You need to find out the best content writing tools for SEO of your content.

3- Free keyword research tool

Keywords play a great important role in your content as you might already know. Now in the beginning you don’t have any funds to get the best paid SEO tool but don’t feel disheartened you can still get a free content writing tools for SEO. The most important tool you need to get is keyword research tool.

a.      UberSuggest

This is the exclusive free keyword research tool by Neil Patel. Neil Patel is known to be the SEO guru and he is providing this tool only for beginner writers. You can find out the bidding price with volume. You just need to enter your seed keyword and country. It will show you many of the results.


This is the best website to check plagiarism, keywords research, backlinks all for free. You can find many of the free content writing tools for SEO. This just don’t help with keywords but with many of the SEO aspects for your content and even website as well.

Okay guys this was so much fun to present this type of content to you. Hope you find it useful and I will be back with another helping post. Till then tell me which of the tools you liked most?

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