Secret-1 Why your posts doesn’t get ranked? Follow these on page SEO steps to get organic traffic

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Secret-1 Why your posts doesn’t get ranked? Follow these on page SEO steps to get organic traffic

So lately, you are trying hard but not getting the attention from Google that you deserve. Now you have lost the hope but let me tell you that it’s never too late. As you can use your time and continue what you have started as it is going to give you a long-term results. Now you must be thinking what should I do now? How can think something good out of this?

My buddy! There is always a key to your success but for your blog it is SEO current trends.

Now you must be thinking that you have tried all the keys but the door doesn’t open for you. Then my friend it’s a secret a big secret. Today what I am going to share is just one step towards a recognition from Google. Now what is this other than SEO?
It is On-Page SEO!
Yes, this is the first key to your blog’s or website’s success. For getting the second key you need to follow next post.
Let’s get back to On-Page SEO, you are wondering I was trying on-page SEO already. Then my friend, you need to try the latest on page SEO factors.

Why do I need On-Page SEO for my posts?
Have you ever thought why your posts doesn’t get ranked? It’s you are not implementing your posts with proper On-page SEO steps. Yes! My love it is the biggest reason why you are facing these kinds of problems.
When you are going to implement your post with proper on-page SEO techniques. As it helps to rank high.

·        As a matter of fact. Nowadays, Google take account for many others such as social media signals namely likes, shares, tweets, follows etc. It is not solely focused on on-page SEO.
Before getting further into the post let’s get cleared about On-Page SEO term.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is a type of search engine optimization technique. This technique helps the search engine bots to get an idea what your content is focused about. 

Every time we get to edit our post such as updating features like meta title, its description, tags, links it pings to bot. 

 This way you get higher chance to achieve higher over the search engines.

So basically, the ingredients that you see on page such as its structure or content is optimized by using on-page SEO.


Here you go with the On-Page SEO tutorial

1-    Keep meta title short

This is the first step towards on-page SEO and most probably an important factor for your post. Make sure to design meta title attractive because it can catch maximum attention. Although, you need to get more clicks to get high rank which is possible after your post grab the attention.

So, first of on-page SEO steps is designing meta title. Now, your role is to choose the most targeted keywords or keywords phrase for the H1 tag even if it is not possible, make sure to use it in title.

Keep in mind to make meta title under 65 characters.

2-      Permalink structure
Now one of the on-page SEO factors is permalink. However, you need to ensure that URL of your post is displayed correctly. Now, what you are going to do after that is to put one of the keywords into the URL.
Note- symbols, brackets, commas, special characters, e.t.c are not be used in permalink.
Here is one example of SEO current trends based permalink.

3-    Keywords density
  • Use the LSI keywords with keyword density of 1.5%. also make sure to use other related keywords in your posts. On top of that main keyword should be put in the first paragraph and last paragraph as well.

4-    Use meta tags
Do you know the place that short place that says Description. Yes, that is the place which plays a very important role grabbing audience. That is the place where you can describe what your posts is, so that audience can get a quick glance. You need to add some keywords into it and the length should be 500 characters.

5-     Add media
This is the world where people don’t want to read as they most likely are attracted towards video and audio contents. Although this part can give you a plus point you can add image, video, image and add alt text to them they will help in SEO. So with this, it was a last step for on-page SEO steps.
Hope you liked the on-page SEO tutorial that I represented here. It helped me now you can inculcate it into your posts and see the results.

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