Secret 2- Off- page SEO checklist to follow in 2020 | Off page SEO techniques 2020

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Secret 2- Off- page SEO checklist to follow in 2020 | Off page SEO techniques 2020

Don’t your blog or website get the exposure that it deserves? 

Are you struggling to find a magic wand to roll it on your blog and boost your blog outreach?

If the answer to both of the questions is Yes, then you are in the right place. 
After you follow the on-page SEO steps for your blog, you might want to see your blog or blog post in the search results. But you are not done yet, you have to implement Off-Page SEO techniques as well. 

You can do off-page SEO for your blog at zero cost or if you want to get results instantly you will need to spend some bucks. Which is not that beneficial. However, if you are ready to spend some bucks, then you can also buy some of the best selling off-page SEO tools as well. But we don’t recommend that as Google is really smart to find that.

Nowadays, competition is going tough day by day, and getting the exposure for your blog is not that easy. 
This is why today, from a small blog to a big blog everyone follows SEO current trends for getting success in this field. Now SEO techniques involve on-page SEO and off-page SEO which are highly favorable to get your blog or website rank on top.

Now you might be getting the question isn’t on-page SEO enough for my blog? 

Why do I have to do off-page SEO also, for my blog?
Keep following you will get the answer.

Why off-page SEO is important?

Before getting into the importance of Off-page SEO, we need to walk through what is Off-page SEO? 
Now, off-page SEO is all about the activities that you do outside of your blog to help in ranking. However, there are many of the off-page SEO techniques which you can use to see the best results. But, not before implementing on-page SEO techniques 2020, because you want to follow the latest tactics for your blog for ranking. 

This is a modern era where every aspect is getting revolutionize and then we come to this virtual world, where everything changes in a blink of eyes.
 So, it is very important for you to stay updated with the latest tips and tricks.
Now coming to the question, why off-page SEO is important for your blog or website?

Then here is the answer!

Off-page SEO does the work to interpret with Google and tell that what others think about your product, services, or website.
 If you get successful to get some links from the strong and relevant sites which are having high da pa then it will give you a good result.
 As for off-page SEO techniques in 2020, you can try link building, forums, influencers, and some of the content marketing techniques.

Getting curious about off-page SEO activities? 

Then keep following we are going to provide a full off-page SEO checklist to follow in 2020. These are the off-page SEO tactics that will help you to enhance your ranking over SERP. Letting your blog grab the attention it needs. So, without any further ado.
Make sure to follow the post till then end.
What are the best off-page SEO techniques for the blog or website?

To implement off-page SEO onto your blog, you need to be updated with off-page SEO techniques to flow your blog higher.
 Hence, there are many of the off-page SEO tactics to implement on your blog. You need to keep updating your blog with on-page SEO and off-page SEO at the same time. 
If you are curious to know what are the best off-page SEO techniques for your blog? Then scroll a little bit.

1- Guest Post 
Let’s assume that you have opened your brand-new shop, now you are selling quality services or products. 
How will people get to know about your services or products? By advertising, by reference, yes this is an effective way. If any consumer suggests other consumers that your services are the best then that can work in your favor.
 This is one of the trending off-page SEO techniques in 2020 because you are going to attract visitors from a strong source. What you need to do:
i) Find one of the higher-ranking blogs. 
ii) Create one guest account
iii) Post 100% unique contents

You can also find these services into the homepage of the blog where it states to write for us or work with us. It also helps to build your own community into your specified industry.

2- Blog commenting
After guest posting, here come other trending off-page SEO techniques in 2020 which is blog commenting.
 It’s the free option to make your blog stand higher and also build backlinks. Now, to follow the procedure of blog commenting you need to:
i- Find blog which holds the same niche as your
ii- Read some of their contents 
iii- And comment down about their content
iv- Place URL of our blog as well

Note- you don’t have to post this thing everywhere instead find the relevant blog and comment on that.

3- Participate in a question and answer forums

There are many of places where people come to clear their doubts about a certain topic. This is the next activity in our off-page SEO checklist, which is participating in forums. 
Now you need to keep an eye on your interested topic and find the question that you can answer. 
After providing the relevant question you can embed your blog link into that. Some of the forums are,,,, etc.

So, these were the off-page SEO checklist that I used to grow my blog. You can find many of the other off-page SEO activities online but tried these and got a great result. Hence, make sure to implement On-page SEO trends on your blog which is very important.

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