How I made an incredible amount of money by starting writing, Start writing and get paid to write

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How I made an incredible amount of money by starting writing, Start writing and get paid to write

To all those writers who are new to the writing field, I know the juggle of writing. Some of you might have decoded the secret to making money writing about what you love. Well, this blog I am creating for those who want to ace writing field. I know some of the time you get ghosted because clients don’t pay you, some even don’t approve your work. You might be thinking why? Why this all is happening with you? Well, this is why I am here to give you all the keys to these kinds of questions. 
But there is a bitter truth, my love, everyone goes through this phase. I have gone through that phase. However, there is a bundle of joy waiting for you, if you get the trick to earn from writing articles or even blogs.

"I will be covering all the problems that a writer goes through while beginning the journey of content writing. How to cope up with fraud clients, how to write contents, what is the procedure, what tools do you need to start writing, where can you find clients, how can you check the genuine clients, how can you make money with your own blog, etc."

How I found content writing?

Ok but when I started, I had no clue how to get into this field even I didn’t know about content writing as well. Ok another day I was juggling to find even one of the killer ways to make money online. 
Then suddenly I found out one of the videos, which said “how to make money online for free” on YouTube and the lady told me that a content writer is the best option for students, working women or even girls to start making money online. 
So, I thought wow this is great making money without any investment that too in free as well. I started getting membership in the content writer’s group on Facebook and similar kinds of stuff. I wrote many of the articles and got rejected. About half of the month I got nothing. Finally, I got disappointed and stopped writing.

Turning point

The next day I got a message request in my inbox, a client, yes! a client he told me that he wants to offer me a job. I started with 10ppw, exactly 10ppw I thought okay its good for starting. Then I got many of the proposals of clients to write I wrote everything that came in my hands. I have written in astrology, travel, visa, digital marketing, foods, and whatnot. Slowly I started getting payments. I thanked god. I mean I couldn’t believe that seriously I get paid to write about anything.

My first payment

My first payment was Rs.500, but it was a big amount for me. As I was a student and I didn’t believe in myself but I slowly started to believe in myself. Then, slowly my payment got increased. I worked so hard, little harder and here I am with my blog now. I am still working as a freelancer it drives me crazy that I get paid to write. Surprisingly, by the grace of God, I am able to make 50k of a month in these 2 years. Isn’t it amazing? If you are also trying to make quick money then you need to keep following my blogs.

I hope you liked my journey, if you are ready to rock this career then comment 'Yes'.


1-Where can I find the clients?

You can find the clients at Fiverr, upwork and many other writing websites. If you want genuine clients then you can come to Facebook, find out how can you get clients on Facebook in our blogs and get paid to write about anything.

2-What are the skills required for a content writers?

There are no particular skills that you require to be a content writer. You can start by reading, then slowly start building up the content that delivers value to readers. If you ace this field then you can get paid to write.

3-How much does a first-time author get paid?

            There is nothing particularly defined for getting paid for writing the first time. It totally depends on your writing skills. Just make sure what your writing is attractive and easy to understand. Afterward, make money writing about what you love.     

4- How much do you earn as a freelance writer?

If you are a freelance writer and have a few years of experience then you can make 15k to 20k per month.

5- Can I take content writing as my career?

Yes, you can take it as a career. You can even get a job of the content writer or you can either choose to be freelance writer and make money writing about what you love.

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