How to find genuine clients for content writing jobs online? How to recognize the genuine client?

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How to find genuine clients for content writing jobs online? How to recognize the genuine client?

“After searching for lots and lots of articles and watching so many videos on YouTube for how to start content writing from home you got a project in your hand finally. After that, you submitted your project to the client. But guess what? You got caught in the web of a fraud client.”

Am I right or not?

Correct me if I am wrong that you have faced many of the problems by the client-side. I have come up with some of the amazing tips and tricks to get caught of fake clients before you start working on their projects. Because a cure is always better than treatment. What say?

Before getting a deal closed you must know if the client is genuine or actually going to pay you for the work. I hope you are ready with your portfolio so that will help you for applying these tricks exactly at the spot. 

Here are the tips leading to find out the fake clients and actually get paid to write.

1.    Demand half of the money before you start

Once you have closed the deal and start working on your project. You can send them a screenshot of your work and tell them to pay the half payment.

For example- You have got write up to 1k words for Rs.700. Now what you have to do is, write the content of 400words-500words and send the screenshot to them. Tell them to pay you Rs.300 or maybe Rs.200.

·        Using this way clients get to see your actual work and approve your work. On the other hand, you can actually get to see if the client is genuine or not so that you can make money fast today.

2.    Use watermark

While you are living in your la-la world and dreaming about write articles and earn money in India then let me tell you my friend it's not that simple. You need to use your brain along with your hard work otherwise there are many of the people out there waiting get benefit of your sweetness. So, the next tip on our list is to use a watermark. 
Now how can you use a watermark to secure your money? You will provide them a word document that provides you the facility to add watermark to your work. This watermark works as proof that the writing solely belongs to you. 
Once provide your client with this document, you can ask them to pay you money. Once they pay you the money you can clear out the watermark and provide them watermark-free content.

“If the client is genuine they will pay you by anyhow”.

3.    Provide the link of the document

“What how can I provide the link to them? Without publishing it anywhere how can I get the link, they wouldn’t pay me for published work”

Now that you are into the race of get paid to write, you must know the ways to secure your payments and your work. Remember that you use Google services freely? 

However, Google provides many of the Google products and one of them id Google Drive. Yes, my love use G-drive to save your writing before you provide it to your client. After uploading it you can add them to the viewers. 

Make sure you add them to view only not to moderate it. After they make payment you can provide them full access to moderation as well.

“Seems tough to make money fast in today world, no? We will make it easy. Find out where can you find genuine clients?”

Where can you find genuine clients to earn money online?

Some of my fellas keep asking me how to start content writing from home I told them to check out my post. Once you get to see them, you might start writing but where can you get the content writing jobs online?. 
How will you secure your payment without any knowledge of identifying the fake client? I am revealing all the secrets hidden there. So, keep following my blogs.

1-   Facebook

Yes, Facebook provides the transparency nowadays. You can actually get to see your client their work and their organization that very much reveal about their authenticity. By the transparency comes the trusted content writing jobs online that are available only at Facebook. You can join many of the content writer groups. 

You just have to search with the name of content writing, content writers, etc. Just join the group that has mass members. Once you join them you can comment on the post that suits you to write articles and earn money in India.

2-   Join Fiver, UpWork

Well, these are some of the platforms that provide legit content writing jobs online but this is for those people who master in this field. Although these portals don’t have that great reviews so I really can't suggest you these platforms.
 As you want to get paid to write and they give a hard time to beginners, I guess. So, try to turn to them when you have a great writing skill.

3-   Guest post

This is the idea which will benefit you in the long run, this idea not only serves with only one benefit but a bundle of benefits. Once you approach any website to post there as a guest you can get a backlink. Google ranking, your own blog ranking, earn money online, etc.
 So search the website that you like and you just have to send them an mail with your portfolio.

So these were some of the tips and tricks which I thought a beginner content writer will like. Also, let me know how helpful this was for you.

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