Reasons why I thanks to Neil Patel, Lessons we should take from Neil Patel the Blogger

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Reasons why I thanks to Neil Patel, Lessons we should take from Neil Patel the Blogger

You just heard it right, today we are going to take deep dive into the Lessons we should take from Neil Patel the blogger.
 I guess you might know about the Neil Patel very well, just for clearing the confusion, well we are talking about the co-founder of NP Digital.

 The one Neil Patel who is famous as top influencer on the web and the one and only one New York Times bestselling author. Oh, to conclude all these you can say the Owner of Yes, as of now you must have cleared up or if not, you can simply visit to the Neil Patel website which is
Okay, so before we step into that part you must be curious about the reasons why hanks to Neil Patel, aren’t you curious? Well, I used to hate Neil Patel because I don’t know why I didn’t liked the structure of his posts.

Hey! Hold on, he just admitted this fact he even didn’t liked to do core technical content but blogging.

Until last night, I just watched out his video I will provide you the link. You must just see that video.
 Man! he just killed the ways we should use to attract more traffic to our new websites or blogs by advertising them for free. 

Today I get to spare sometime on his website and just cleared up my mind to read the post he written about “Neil Patel UberSuggest”.  Lets just not change the topic and get to the point, reasons why I thanks to Neil Patel.

Reasons why I thanks to Neil Patel

1-    His most valuable contents

Hold on bro! yeah I said that I didn’t liked his posts because my eyes didn’t love their structure but regardless of any structure or anything I love his posts his efforts. These are the things which he should be charging from us to provide it but he is just giving it all away for free.
 Its just that I got distracted from one of his post and formed up a misconception about Neil Patel website to never visit it again. But again, he did deliver a quality content in his YouTube video. Which you must check out.

2-    He loves to serve quality for the users

No matter what he just loves to serve the quality content to every user. You can see his efforts in the Neil Patel’s SEO tools which is free for all. He is completely dedicated to save the audience from spending on the research tools. While many of the marketers hate him for doing so. But who cares?

3-    Neil Patel loves to experiment his area

This man is just next to awesomness because he had just invested over $80,000 for a month over an experiment which luckily turned out to favor him. And just because of this experiment, my journey being a blogging beginner has gone way easier because of Neil Patel SEO tools.

Well you might be getting curious what is that experiment and how Neil Patel provides the SEO tools for free which we also know as Neil Patel Ubersuggest.

What is this thing called as Ubersuggest?

Now, if you are a beginner or a pro in the SEO field, you might be familiar about the Ubersuggest.
If not, let me tell you briefly. 

This is a free SEO tool where you can go to research about keywords, your website audit, content ideas, competitors backlinks and many more term related to SEO. 
All of these tools he is providing us for free. My experience with this tool is very awesome. As this tool has given me seamless results.
 Guess its time for you to start loving Neil Patel? Huh

Lesson we should take from Neil Patel the Blogger

  1. ·        For any of the marketing area person, now you don’t need to pay fees for any tool because we have the tool for Search engine optimization from Neil Patel. Which is the experiment he spent over $80,000.
  2.  .  Now based on the first point, his actions tell us to dare to make a change in others live. Your competitors may hate you but your followers will love you.
  3.      Neil Patel the blogger accepts his truth before his audience that he doesn’t like to write core technical contents but loves to tell stories. Which tells us to accept our black side and accept it by mixing it with white side.
With all these amazing points about Neil Patel, i would like to confess that now i am in love with this guy because he is providing value to beginners like me.

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