Want to make money fast today by content writing? Here are the dark secrets you need to know

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Want to make money fast today by content writing? Here are the dark secrets you need to know

Hello! All my beautiful fellows. Production of contents is not an easy task what say? Yeah, it’s a quite hacky task but who loves this job always finds it amazing like me? Ok to produce the contents, you need tools and I have already shared my secret tools with you guys. I hope you guys got all set up with the content writing tools for free till now. Are you one of those fellas who just want to make money fast today by content writing? Ok, hold on cowboy hold on. There are some steps that you need to know. 

Well I have come with some deepest and darkest secret of content writing world you might want to know.

Ø Build a portfolio

Before you run into your journey of content writing field, give yourself the time of 2 to 3 days because you don’t want to end up chasing clients either. You need to build your profile which ultimately means you need to build your portfolio. A portfolio is something that gives an introduction to your interested area of work and past work.

How can you build your profile to make a great impact on the client? Well after this step your client will be one chasing you. Yes!

a)     Sign up for Blogger

When you don’t have any experience working in this field, how will you get a job? So do sign up for Blogger and post your content to it. Setting up a Blogger account is easy and the posting procedure is quick.
 You just need like 5 to 8 contents to be posted as it is going to work for your portfolio. You can even add your social profiles to it so that they have plenty of options to contact you.

b)     Sign up for WordPress

If you don’t want to sign up for Blogger and want to add professionalism to your portfolio then you can start the posting of content you will get many of the themes to choose from. WordPress very much similar to Blogger but it takes time a bit to post.

I recommend to choose Blogger over WordPress because who wants to sit and look at buffering?

“If you could not make it up with clients or don’t want to chase different clients from time to time. You can always come to your blog and post daily content on it to get paid to write. 
By placing ad units from Adsense,, etc in your post and trust me this is the best way to write articles and earn money in India.”

Ø Finalize your charge

After that you have build up your portfolio, now you need to search for the right client and right project. Searching the right and genuine client is way tough than working on the project.
 Anyways, finalize starting charge 15ppw or $3, $4 for a content.

I have built up my portfolio, done with finalizing charge, done with the project, now how can I accept the payment?

Ø How to receive the payment

Now that you are done with the project it’s the time for you to get paid to write. Now is the time to receive the payment. So, you need to set up an account that will be connected to your bank account.
 You can always request your client to pay you directly using your bank account number. If not, you can choose to get an account on PhonePay, GooglePay , Payoneer, PayPal, etc. Be ready with this thig before you begin your writing. 
So many of the content writing beginners ask me how to start content writing from home what is the key I have collected some of the answers to your random questions check them out.

      Frequently Asked Questions

1-     How to start content writing from home?

Ans. You can always choose to work as a freelancer. Check out my post to set up all the tools you need to have for starting content writing at home.

2-     What is SEO in content writing?

Ans. SEO, does stand for search engine optimization. It requires the use of techniques and tools to rank your post on the Google page. While SEOcontent writing is a very easy way to make money fast today.

3-     What is digital content writing?

Ans. Digital content writing refers to the production, management, and marketing of the contents that you post on your blog or website.

4-     How much do bloggers make?

Ans. Bloggers write an article and earn money in India and outside also. They make money by writing up to $10k to $30k also. It again depends on your work and quality.

5-     Can I really make money blogging?

Ans. Yes of course.

6-     How soon can you make money from blogging?

Ans. You can write articles and earn money in India through blogging. You need to wait for at least 2 months or 4 months since you post daily and it takes time to make a grip with the audience have patience and just keep up with the good work.

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