Are you also an aspiring Blogger? Here are Best and cheap web hosting for beginners

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Are you also an aspiring Blogger? Here are Best and cheap web hosting for beginners

 Are you a beginner in blogging field? Searching for one of the best and cheap web hosting for your blog?

Now, many of the people gets confused as to which hosting will suit their pocket and new blog or website as well.

When i was a beginner in this field, i was really juggling like for 1 week or maybe 2 because every morning i would get up and search for one of the best cheap hosting sites for my new blog.

If you are also feeling the same. Then this is the very right place for you. Because i have run a great research and tests. 

Best Web hosting services

So that the juggle that i have felt at my very starting career, no beginner gets to waste their time like that. So here we start with the list of best and cheap web hosting for everyone.

1- BlueHost

BlueHost offers am easiest dashboard so that you can manage everything easily. However, everything is simple and easy to find. Every site that you have connected with BlueHost has an effective separate column. You can see every option and action for every site.

However, this one of the affordable web hosting i tell you why. When you are a beginner, you want your blog to be up and running everytime. At this stage, you are not a pro but you are ready to learn everything. This gives you a good start.

Hence the cheapest plan of BlueHost offers

12- month contract for $4.95/month (renewal at $7.99/month)

24-month contract for $3.95/month (renewal at $7.99/month)

36-month contract for $2.75/month (renewal at $7.99/month)

Apart from all these, you get the 30-day money back guarantee isn't it amazing?


1 website

Unmetered bandwidth

5 email accounts

Free Domain (upto 1 year which renews ag $12.99/year)

One SSL certificate (https:)

One-click WordPress installation

All in all we can say that they host 2M+ websites, which describe their experience. However, they are one of the most cheap web hosting provider with remarkable services in the market. There is everything available that you need for your blog or website at an affordable rate.

"Book your $2.75/month hosting now."

2- Hostinger

The next hosting up in our list is Hostinger. We have listed it as second in our list of  best cheap hosting sites because it highlights every important section. 

So that you don't go and try every next option for your work.

However, once you sign-up you are also going to get an access to a website builder and some easy setup tools for WordPress. Making it possible for you to launch your website within just a few minutes.

This is one of the hosting provider which offers super affordable hosting budget which is $0.99/month.

But, you will need to pay an upfront for 4 years and in a within a day.

The bright side to this extraordinary and  cheap web hosting services is that they stay transparent with you for the renewal price. You can see the renewal charge right next to your selected plan.

Here are the offers from Hostinger:

Monthly basis contract- First month $9.99 + $4.99 setup fee (renewal for $7.99/month)

12-month contract for $2.99/month renewal for $3.25/month

24-month contract for $1.99/ month and renewal for $2.85/month

48-month plan contract for 0.99/month and renewal at $2.15/month

Also, they offer 30 days money back guarantee.


1 website

1 email account

SSL (https:)

Website builder, one-click WordPress installation

Hostinger provides one best and best cheap web hosting services leaving any other hosting behind. 

You are going to get the uptime which is approximately 99.96%. 

To conclude we can say that Hostinger offers the services if you want to host your website for a longer period at an affordable rate.

"Book your hosting with Hostinger at just $2.99/month".


The third best and cheap hosting sites that we have on our list is HostGator. This is known to be the popular web hosting firm.

HostGator provides you a perfect set of all the tools which are required to launch a website. 

On top of that, you get the space and bandwidth unmetered so that you don't feel worried about going overboard.

Apart from all these HostGator gives you access to two main panels present on the back end.

One of the profile where you can setup your website, add email accounts etc.

Other to provide you advanced settings with cPanel.

HostGator pricing offers

Monthly basis contract for $10.95/month

12 month contract for $3.95/month and renewal at $8.95/month

24 month contract for $3.45/month and renewal at $7.95/month

36 month contract for $2.75/month at renewal at $6.95/month

Not only this, but they offer 45-day money back guarantee.


1 website hosting

Unmetered bandwidth & storage

1 email account

Free domain (for 1 year, renewal at $17.99/year)

SSL (https:)

Website Builder

One-click WordPress installation

In short, choosing HostGator can be a smart choice. If you want to launch your site quickly you can go with HostGator without any doubt. To speed up your process this affordable web hosting provides you website builder.

"Book you hosting with HostGator for 3.45/month, now."

HostGator Web Hosting

After getting to see all the reviews, what are you thinking about? Get the best deal now. 

However, let me know if you have a blog or website or you are thinking to start one. 

To start one the first step is hosting. And, I have provided some great options of cheap web hosting provider for you all. 

Make sure to tell me your thoughts in the comment section.

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