Write for us and submit a guest blog post

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Write for us and submit a guest blog post


A guest post is something that helps you to connect with variety of audiences. So that you can showcase your talent and add value to the reader’s life. 

Not only this, but you get a chance to tell the audience about what can you serve with and you have space where you create quality contents to help those people. 

Blog For Passion feels blessed and take pride to provide opportunity to the other creators and help them grow widely. Anyone who is interested to post a blog and connect with our audience can openly submit a guest blog post on this platform.

So, if you are the one who want to emerge as a great blogger and give your blog a boost of traffic and audience then make sure you are submitting a guest post. 

Hence, guest post allows you to insert a link of your blog which is used to land on your main blog. 

So, what are the benefits to write a guest post for us?

  1. The post is going to be published between 20k+ audience
  2. Your post gets to insert links according to the word limit (explained later) 
  3. You get traffic and regular follower to your blog space
  4. You get a unique identity into your own field
  5. Your name is going to be visible under your post

What are the topics to submit a guest blog post?


Web hosting reviews

Search engine optimization

Social media marketing

Web development

Content writing

Content marketing

Search engine marketing

Digital marketing

Make sure that you add value and write unique content to ensure that our readers doesn’t get bored off.

What are the rules to write a guest post for us?

If you have some idea to add unique post into our blog and connect with new audience then you are at the right place. Drive traffic from our blog to yours and keep up with the good work. When you have a mind that thinks differently and can create a buzz then here are some guidance or structure to submit a guest blog on this platform:

  • Your post length must be minimum 800 words and maximum 1500.
  • 1 link insertion for 800 words and 2 links insertion for 1500 words is allowed.
  • Use 3 relevant keywords.
  • 1 catchy title.
  • 1 relevant image not exceeding 1 MB.
  • Your article should not be published anywhere or plagiarized.

What we require from the publisher side?

 Our blog is open to promote you on our platform this is why we need some of the details listed below to submit guest post article so that we can provide you credits for the great work :

  • Your Mail address
  • Your photo

  • Your bio
  • Your social media links such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. (anyone)
  • Your location

How to submit a guest post on our platform?

Step 1- You need to mail us the above details entailing publisher side details and blog post details.

Step 2- Send the mail at

Step 3- Once you get a revert that your post is accepted to feature on our blog, you need to make payment of Rs.50 for 800 words and Rs.100 for 1500 words.

Step 4- The moment that you are done with payment and we confirm it from our side you need to have patience for 2 days to see your post on our blog.

Step 5- when you see your blog published make sure to share it everywhere.

And then we are done.

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Note-  We hold rights to make minor changes to the submitted guest blog post and request you to change if required.

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